Image Board

An Instagram clone with image upload and comment features. Built with Vue, Express, Malter and amazon web services S3

This was an interesting one for me. This was my first time using a front end library, and so getting used to Vue and writing a single page application for the first time I found it challenging. Getting used to the syntax and learning about Vue’s data and methods components took some time, and remembering to pass them along to each component took some getting used to, but, eventually I got there.

Looking back on the project I definitely see the advantages of single page applications and front-end libraries. It's definitely a case of struggle now, relax later on as learning a new library can be challenging. But, trying to implement this in pure javaScript would have become orders of magnitude harder, especially if I were to implement new features. It's almost as if that's why these libraries were created, who would have guessed?