Social Network

A simple single page web application with features such as account registration and login, profile editing, friends list and a chat feature. Built with React, Express, SQL, amazon web services S3, Sockets and Bcrypt

The final project of the Spiced Bootcamp, the roaring crescendo if you will... The social network project was a good test of all our skills, combining front-end and back-end in one unified project made for a good balance of nitty gritty javaScript with front-end creativity.

This project built upon the previous imageboard project in the front-end department, only this time using React instead of Vue. Honestly, it's a welcomed change. React, in my opinion, seems to be way more user intuitive. It makes components easier to construct and the error messages make figuring out what you've broken a joy to resolve compared to Vue.

The back-end was built upon the old reliable express, using common libraries such as Bcript for account security, cookie session for storing user data and sql for saving user preferences. This was quite a big task when viewed as a whole, but when broken down into chunks became more manageable. This project also served as a good refresher for previously used libraries, recycling things such as database queries and storing data to S3 made for a good test for all we've learnt in the previous weeks.